One of the most dreaded things for a lot of women, including myself, is going out to shop for new jeans...especially in a society that tells us how our bodies "should" look, what size bums we "should" flaunt, the depth of curves we "should" have, & the list goes on. It can be extremely overwhelming to step into a dressing room with horrible lighting and try to find the perfect pair of jeans that simply make us feel good! Finding those perfect jeans can sometimes feel as though we'll never actually find them lol. So when us ladies do find that perfect pair, we treasure them & can always feel a bit more confident when wearing them:) I used to solely stick to Levi's jeans & I still really do love my Levi's but I have found a new treasure in these JOE'S JEANS! 

I had heard about them from a Youtuber I follow(Tanya Cheban) & she mentioned that she purchases hers at Nordstrom. So I made my way there & to be honest, when I saw that they were $80, I walked away because I thought that was super expensive compared to my usual on sale Levi's that I find for around $50 or less. However, now I realize that was actually a fair price for these jeans as they normally cost between $100-$300! 

So to get to the part where I actually own a pair...

My boyfriend decided to take me for a spontaneous shopping trip(I almost cried because that was extremely sweet!) & we walked into Saks Fifth Avenue at the outlets where he pointed out these Joe's Jeans & I was all for it of course! I tried them on & immediately fell in love! They're beyond the measure of comfort than I had imagined, they fit like a dream & are also true to my size. They have a slight stretchiness to the denim which adds to the level of comfort in my opinion, allowing me to wear them fitted but also able to breathe:) These cost $85 at the outlets but I'm realizing that for good quality denim especially, it's more like an investment because jeans are something I wear all year long & for the past two weeks I've already made these my new favorite & most worn lol.(& as I mentioned earlier, the regular price of these jeans runs between $100-$300 so $85 is a large saving!) I love styling these with tucked in shirts & either a statement belt, a simple one or none at all. They look super cute with any shoe--slip ons, sneakers & booties but most importantly they make me feel ready to take on the day! I feel confident & just plain good! I believe that's the reason I enjoy clothes so much because it's a way to express what I'm feeling on the inside or a way to help me feel what I want to be feeling internally. We all should be able to feel strong, beautiful, & confident so sometimes putting on a nice, comfortable and well fitting pair of jeans can help us ladies feel a little better on days where we may not be feeling our best. I know that's been the case for me at times when I've been lounging around the house for a couple days with a bun, no makeup and pj's(not that there is anything wrong with that at all! because those days can sometimes be some of the most refreshing ones). However, it does help to get up, put a little makeup on, make my hair presentable & feel pretty with the help of some clothing pieces that "speak" what I want to express. 

Now with all of that being said, we have to remember that being & feeling beautiful, strong, & confident truly does come from within. We can own all of the best pieces of clothing, the nicest shoes, the most expensive purses, have the prettiest hair or the most beautiful makeup and with all of that can still feel ugly, insecure or like we just need more to have a sense of worth. It's not that owning nice things or having pretty hair or makeup is a bad thing, it's not at all! It's only unhealthy for us when we feel the need to have these materialistic things to know who we are, that's where we go wrong & fall into the trap of the enemy. We were made by a perfect God, who creates perfection & beauty so that includes each one of us To be a little transparent, I've had moments where I felt "pooey" because I woke up late for work(uh-oh lol) & didn't have makeup on or my hair was messy but I simply remind myself that I hold beauty in who I am in Christ & with kindness, a lot of smiles & goofiness, I can carry my beauty in those attributes! We don't need clothes to make us beautiful but like I said, some days it honestly does help! Especially when we find those pieces that work well with our body type & our personality:)) So if you have the option to try out a pair of these Joe's Jeans it will be SO worth it & if not, then find what you like, what makes you feel comfortable & what expresses YOU:) 

For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. (Psalms 139:13-15) 

P.S. By clicking the photo below, you can check out a similar pair to the ones I have:)