Recent Tunes

Recent Tunes


Hi there!

It's been a while since I've blogged and I have missed it so so much! I just took a step back from social media for a little bit a while back, as well as blogging(obviously...because here I am about 4 months later with a new blog!) just to refocus my mind and my heart on the big question for myself, "WHY do I do this?" I felt so cluttered internally from all the scrolling and YouTube watching so I just needed to take a step back. I did gain some inspiration from other bloggers whose work I really admire and I am ready to start writing again for the simple fact that I enjoy it:)) and if anything I share encourages anyone else out there, then that is just an answer to my prayers♥ but I'm staying simple here on StephIrene and keeping Jesus at the center of it;)

I am super excited to share some of my favorite tunes that I've recently been listening to though! 


I hardly ever listen to the radio and that is mostly due to the fact that they repeat the same songs over and over and over and get what I'm saying. It can cause songs to become old really quickly in my opinion. I love worship music and music that has lyrics that speak anything about the goodness of God. It brings joy to me always and also has the power to lift me up with the words of truth when I'm feeling down♥

I haven't added any new artists to my mini playlist but a few of these artists have had new albums released and Lauren Daigle will be releasing her new album soon! yay!!

My playlist starts, begins and ends with words of truth. Starting with the truth of who God says I am versus the lies of who I can tend to believe I am. The presence of God is brought through the words and worship of Melissa Helser and Lauren Daigle as they both sing out with passion and power. Chris McClarney brings forward the truth about the greatness of God and yet, His amazing, relentless and unchanging love. Kim Walker shares the worship song "Throne Room" that has my mind and heart pondering on how big my God is, how amazing He is and how spending moments with Him is unlike anything else and the best place for me to be. "Till I Found You" reminds me of driving in Dallas with my best friend(she's the one who introduced this one to me:)) but this song, along with "Song In My Soul" both speak the truth of the joy that Jesus brings when we do life with Him. Nothing else compares to Him. Then to finish off the mini list, Will Reagan brings a sweet melody and sings a simple prayer-like song of just wanting to be with and know God.      

Hope you are encouraged and enjoy:)!!

#1. Catch The Wind- Bethel (ft. Melissa Helser) 


#2. You Say- by Lauren Daigle


#3. Crazy Love- Chris McClarney


#4. Throne Room- Kim Walker


#5. Till I Found You- Phil Wickham


#6. Song In My Soul- Phil Wickham


#7. Nothing Without You- United Pursuit(ft. Will Reagan)


"I sing to the Lord because he has taken care of me." Psalms 13:6