New Directions

It’s been a little while(“little while” meaning almost a year lol) since I’ve written anything so I’ve had a long time to reflect on myself, my passions and dreams, & my blog of course:))

I’ve been without social media for six months now and it’s honestly been super freeing. It’s allowed me to view things from a whole new perspective, including this blog.

This was my second time stepping back to ask myself if I really wanted to keep StephIrene online. I do. However, I don’t want to write about clothes and beauty products only. I don’t want to write just to gain a following or become someone that chases confidence in my purpose through how many likes I can receive on constant posts. I have a purpose in my everyday life, whether it’s posted or not and I don’t need to have a certain number on a social media account to make me feel assured of that.

I don’t want my blog to be a place of surface level topics only. I don’t want to write about topics that I’m not even truly passionate about. I want my blog space to be an open place where I can write/talk about things that I actually care about and that matter to me. I want to be myself here and being disconnected from social media has shown me that I don’t need to be a copycat version of anyone else.

I want to keep my little corner of the internet up because I have a lot of thoughts that run through my mind and heart. I feel like other girls and women think about the same things but we just don’t talk about them as much as we’d like. Sometimes we can start to feel like we’re alone or like we’re terrible women for some of the things we think. I get it because I’ve been there plentyyyyy of times!! Regardless, I’m a firm supporter of deep thinking/reflection, probably because I like to do a lot of it and sometimes it can get me in trouble BUT I would rather think a whole lot to try my best to understand myself and others than not think at all and lack understanding.

My name is Stephanie, my friends call me Steph and my middle name is Irene. Hence, StephIrene. Here will be a place for me to get my thoughts out in a clear way because when they stay stuck up in my head, they start to get a little messy and confusing. I’ll be open, honest and hopefully through that I pray that the things I write about will spark conversations to deeper, more important heart things. I believe that if we as girls, women and most importantly sisters would take time to sit down and get a little vulnerable with each other we could be such a force. We could shake up this world for someone bigger and greater. We could overcome and tear down what the enemy wants to build up between us and pour out some crazy, genuine love on one another that’s uncommon, a little strange, maybe a tad uncomfortable for some of us but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the norm for us.

In the end, it’s just about loving God and loving people. (People being every single person I come in contact with.)

Thanks for visiting♥♥♥