Hey y'all! I know I've been a little MIA since my last post & I do sincerely apologize for that:( Especially since it was immediately after I was like, "I'm going to be posting every Monday!" I'm so sorry! 

I really just kind of took a step back from social media in general(perfect timing, I know lol). I needed to & wanted to because my mind was becoming cluttered with a lot of material things due to all the images that pop up on my Instagram feed. I know that I still could have blogged but because my mind was so cluttered, I felt like my own creative juices weren't flowing at all. I could go on into a post about this but I'm actually here to write about how much I have been loving ROCK CLIMBING!! 


I had always wanted to try rock climbing but never did because I didn't think that I would actually enjoy it as much as I do but I DO! My mom was the one to actually draw me into it & then my boyfriend joined in & we have been going at leasttttt two to three times a week for the past three weeks. We're absolute newbies at this but it's something we love to do as a couple & also enjoy inviting others to join in on the fun with us:)

It's obviously a great workout because you're using your arms, back muscles, legs & core. I've actually realized that when I'm rock climbing, I'm using muscles that I don't really use often so it does bring on a lot of soreness right there & then, as well as the next day but it's sooooo worth it because of how much fun it is!

Additionally, I've come to really enjoy bouldering, which is where you climb up a specific path of rocks(there's many scales or levels of difficulty) without using a harness or rope(the floor below is extremely padded of course) & once you make it to the very last rock on top, you grab it with both hands, let your feet hang off & then let go to fall to the ground. My first time doing this was so frightening to me & actually made me realize that I'm more scared of heights than I thought but after letting go & falling a couple times I began to get used to it & the fear started to leave me. It's clear that rock climbing is physically challenging, although before I ever tried it, I thought it would be super easy & I couldn't have been more wrong! But what I wasn't expecting was how mentally challenging it is as well. There's so many times where I feel weak or afraid & like I can't make it to the next rock in my goal to the top. There's times where my feet are placed on tiny rocks & I feel like I'm going to fall or the next rock I have to grab is a whole lot of awkward, uncomfortable & intimidating for my body. There's times where I look up at the next rock & it seems unreachable for me because of the distance but that's when I take a deep breath & tell myself to push & go for it. There's times I make it on that first try but there's also many more times that I reach out only to fall. Nonetheless, that's when I take a break & go for it again until I make it to the very top.

I've learned that in rock climbing, like any workout, it's extremely mental. When I tell myself to just go for it & I can do it, for the most part, I end up making it. If I don't the first time then the second, third, fourth, etc. but I eventually get to my goal. It's also very encouraging to have my boyfriend right there behind me, watching me & cheering me on, letting me know I'm doing good & that I can keep going. The rock climbing gym is also filled with people who don't try & "one up" one another at all! Instead they celebrate each other & help one another out with little tips to only get better.

I believe that's how it should be for all of us in our fitness journey's & our journey of life in general. Never tell yourself that you can't do something, when it looks difficult or scary take a deep breath & just go for it & when you fall, get back up & try again. Surround yourself with people who genuinely cheer you on, encourage you, help you & be that same encourager to others around you ♥   

"I CAN do all things through Him who strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13